Our Story

Saturdays is a time for recharging.

How Saturdays Began

Saturdays is a time for recharging.

For most of us, Saturday is our favourite day of the week. It's the first day off after a hard week's work, when you can forget about the stress of the office and there's still Sunday to come, making Saturday all the more relaxing and unrushed.

Saturdays is a time for recharging. A time to gather thoughts and start turning dreams into reality.We built Saturdays so others can have their own special place to be inspired. A place where every day feels like Saturday, inside and out – inspiring living spaces with special places for daydreaming, relaxing and just doing the things we love.

Saturdays is a place where dreams come true!

Wirachai Pranwerapaiboon

CEO, Saturdays Residence

Architecture & Design

Five bespoke holiday-home

Five bespoke holiday-home concepts inspired by Bostonesque art deco, each designed to cater to a specific living style for couples and families, where every day feels like Saturday.

The five lifestyle concepts are Love, Let, Lux, Live and Learn.

Common interior features of the five concepts are high vaulted living space with full-length glazing framed with authentic tones of ancient teak. Extra high ceilings give owners premium space with innovative indoor and outdoor cozy corners and dens (dream spaces) dedicated to personal pursuits.